Courage to be different.

MEDICKE is an independent family company in its 3rd generation. We have always been keen to break new ground and accept every tough challenge. Flexible thinking, quick decisions, acting substantially – but in a different way.

Despite changes in the economy, there are constants that we follow: We strive to always combine quality craftsmanship with the newest manufacturing methods. We stick to our quality standards, to constantly improve the coordination of thoughts and actions, of well thought-out design and precise manufacturing.

The MEDICKE team implements its clients’ projects with passion and expertise. That’s how MEDICKE became a one-stop centre of excellence for facades over the years.

We feel bound to the long-standing tradition of entrepreneurial spirit in Saxony: inventive, hard-working and focussed on the future. Our principle is: Valued work. Only a value-oriented team can deliver high-quality work and create products that retain their value.

We are convinced that sustainable facades are the only answer to our fast-paced world.

Marcus Medicke