Pioneering expert solutions. A sense for aesthetics.

A project begins with the idea of a building. And the question arises immediately: As an investor, can I achieve my facade concept exactly as I have imagined it? We say: With MEDICKE you can.

Although it is a long journey from visualising the building envelope right up to completing the facade. We support investors in cooperation with their architects and general contractors as a comprehensive service provider for sophisticated facade solutions: from consulting and cost optimisation, planning and engineering services, up to production and assembly.

That’s why our employees have IQ and EQ – not just intelligence, but also emotional intelligence. For every project, we strive for the perfect facade: technical and structural perfection, aesthetic appeal, and a long life.

We also deliver early cost security based on visualisations and planning documents. On this basis you will receive a reliable estimate. A contract that investors award to MEDICKE offers reliable planning from start to finish. You can find further details under services for Architects and General contractors.

Thinking about the big picture in project development is the future of facade planning at MEDICKE.

Marcus Medicke