Expert solutions for complex requirements.

Facades have rapidly undergone a revolution in recent years to become individual building solutions, with sophisticated designs. That’s why the facade is an important craft these days: The facade is a self-standing, high-cost part of the building, independent of the shell construction.

Competition in the real estate market is constantly pushing the limits, entering new architectural territory. MEDICKE is the right partner for this: We can discuss ideas with you early on in the project and develop viable concepts. It is our goal to find the safe balance between a high level of quality and intelligent cost management.

We take responsibility, and for us that means: No room for half measures.

Complex contracts require human commitment, growing expertise and cost-effective calculations.

Marcus Medicke

leistungenPlanning and Development

Excellent engineers find the best facade solutions.

maschinenAutomated Production

Efficient production guarantees cost-effectiveness.

leistungenHigh level of prefabrication

Modular structure cuts down on assembly time on the construction site.